News | March 10, 2011

Metal & Epoxy Protective Coatings, Commercial Interior & Exterior Paints And Other Finishing Products Added To The ArriveNEWS Manufacturing Marketplace

New Protective Coatings Suitable for Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Other Metals

Winston-Salem, NC - ArriveNEWS, the industrial trade show magazine & organizer of IITS 2011, an online manufacturing expo announced a new type of protective coatings on the International Paint & Coatings Marketplace at Elijah Robinson, spokesman for, a division of Industrial Leaders, said over 25 exhibitors of paints and various coatings have been added to its online industrial trade show specializing in oil based, interior & exterior, metal finishing, enamel, conformal powder, industrial floor, polyurethane, ceramic, rubber, acrylic, protective, woodworking, roof, high temperature, barrier and other types of paint and coating products.

According to Robinson, the International & American Paint & Coatings offered on the company's directory at is primarily used in metalworking & metal finishing, plastics machining, molding & finished parts manufacturing, building & construction, residential, steel mills, machine shops, aerospace/aircraft, agricultural & heavy equipment, automotive OEMs & aftermarket, wood working, painting contractors, educational, government, general industrial, commercial as well as other industries and sectors within domestic and international markets. ArriveNEWS noted in a press release recent additions to the publication include custom formulated protective finishes for manufacturers of made-to-order parts and components made from various metals and plastic materials.

"The coatings and paints on ArriveNEWS and IITS enable companies to compare various manufacturers of industrial finishing products with emphasis on sheet metal fabrication, plastic manufacturing, wood shops, home improvement & painting contractors, rubber industrial floor installers, steel service centers, ceramic manufacturers, autobody shops and other buyers of paints and coatings," explained Robinson. He concluded, "ArriveNEWS plans to publish additional sites targeting specific markets around the world to better support its user-friendly platform and assist companies in their search for metal, commercial and industrial finishing solutions."