Metal Matrix Composites Powders

Source: Exotherm Corporation
Exotherm is a developer and manufacturer of metal matrix composites powders...
Exotherm is a developer and manufacturer of advanced powder materials and coatings. Our products are used in wide variety applications including wear and corrosion resistance materials, refractory and abrasives.

We offer the following special metal matrix composites powders:

Matrix Base Material


Ni-Cr-Fe TiC
Ni-Cr-Fe TiC/Cr3C2
Ni-Cr-Fe TiC/Mo2C
Ni-Cr-Mo TiC/WC
Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo TiB2
Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo TiC/NbC
Ni-Cr-Fe-Ti-Al TiB2/TiN/BN
Ni-Cu TiC
Ni-Co TiCN/Cr3C2
Co-Cr-Ni TiC
Co-Cr-Ni TiC/WC
Co-Cr-Ni TiC/Mo2C

Please contact us if you need a special composition of MMCs powders.