News | September 15, 2010

Mitsuba Introduces Automatic Powder Coating Package

Powder coating package will help powder coater to reduce labour charges and step up productivity with fine cost.

In the new world of hyper competition automation is your competitive advantage. Powder coaters across the world are reaping the benefit of Mitsubas automatic powder coating package.

Mitsuba's experience having set up hundred's of automatic plant will help you reduce your labour charges and step up productivity. Automation will also ensure consistent coating quality. With the Patented Infiniti Technology (U.S. Patent No. 5678770) rest assured of the longevity of the gun.

The Mitsuba Automatic System consists of:
1.Automatic Guns.
2.Electromechanical Reciprocators
3.Spray Booth with Recovery
4.Powder Management System to Recycle Over-Sprayed Powder and mix with fresh Powder in Desired Proportion.
5.Magic Eye Powder optimization hardware.

Automatic guns are mounted on Electro Mechanical Reciprocators. These have variable stroke and speed to ensure enhanced flexibility to coat a wide variety of products.

The reciprocator is electrically driven via an AC geared motor giving a gentle and distinct motion. The advanced control system of the reciprocator is designed to control reciprocating speed, stroke length & multi – speed operations, thus ensuring the best possible coating results. Each reciprocator can accommodate up to 8 automatic guns and can be used where high line speeds are employed.

The Magic Eye part sensing systems will automatically maintain part to gun distance. That means if you coating a box, the gun, which is mounted on the reciprocator, will move backward. And if a flat sheet is coated after box, the gun, which is mounted on reciprocator, will automatically move forward to maintain desired gun to part distance. It will smartly select optimum number of guns required to be kept on. It will automatically switch off the powder spray when there is no part in front of the guns. This will reduce over spray of powder.

For higher productivity and a relaxed state of mind use Mitsuba powder optimization hardware with Automatic powder coating package.

SOURCE: Mitsuba