News | April 21, 2022

MVP Launches ACE System For Coatings Applications And Wood Finishes

Knoxville, TN /PRNewswire/ - Magnum Venus Products (MVP), a global manufacturer of fluid movement and production solutions for industrial applications, is launching a new product, Accurate Coatings Equipment (ACE), a plural component coatings system. Developed specifically for wood finishes and sealers, the system will reduce material waste and increase production output by delivering accurate and consistent catalyzation ratios.

ACE is a plural component, or 2K, pump system for the application of conversion varnishes which use acid catalyst, as well as polyester coatings which use methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) catalyst. The system has been proven to dramatically reduce material waste, increase efficiency, and reduce downtime by eliminating the manual mixing processes. ACE delivers accurate catalyst ratios reducing coating failures which can cause defects like clouding, flaking, peeling and delamination, often not visible for weeks and leading to costly repairs.

The key to achieving a pristine finish on wood surfaces is a correct material ratio, and MVP has been a leader in accurate metering and mixing technology for nearly a century. Now renowned for its pumping and spraying systems in the composites and fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) industries, MVP began as a distributor of coatings equipment in 1947. "We have come full circle with the launch of the ACE System," says Scott Andrews, Vice President of Commercialization for MVP. "We realized the demand for a mid-tier coating application system, and we believe ACE is a simple, cost-effective solution which will enable manufacturers to create higher quality products more efficiently."

Although the system is compatible with a variety of materials and applications, it was specifically designed for wood finishes and sealers used by manufacturers of cabinets, windows and doors, furniture, and other wood products. These manufacturers have realized material savings of more than 15% since implementing the ACE system in production. "CIS supported MVP as it developed and launched ACE," says Brad Hubbard of Coast Industrial Systems (CIS), a distributor of MVP's ACE system. "They have been a forward-thinking partner who continually puts the customer's needs first."

MVP is committed to developing new products and solutions to meet the needs of industrial manufacturers. "We have more than doubled our R&D budget over the last year," confirms Andrew Hedger, Senior Director of Business Development for MVP. "MVP has commercialized game-changing technology for the composites industry in the last few decades, and we are more committed now than ever to investing in the development of new resources to help our customers make better products with less waste."

MVP sells the ACE system through authorized distributors and directly through highly trained sales representatives. To learn more about the ACE System visit contact us.

About MVP:
Magnum Venus Products (MVP) is a global manufacturer of fluid movement and production solutions for industrial applications. MVP collaborates with its customers to offer tailored production solutions to meter, mix, dispense, and apply materials. For over 80 years, MVP has been a leading equipment provider for the marine, infrastructure, pool and bath, oil & gas, transportation, aerospace, and wind industries. Learn more at

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