News | August 19, 2020

NEI Introduces Fast-Cure Anti-Fog Coating

NEI Corporation announced today that it has introduced NANOMYTE SAF-200, a fast cure, durable anti-fog coating with excellent water resistance. The development of the new coating has come about as a result of incorporating years of experience in tailoring the chemistry of coatings to meet customer needs. SAF-200 is amenable to spray, dip, flow, roll, and gravure coating processes, and can be cured within 2 to 5 minutes at a temperature range of 80 – 120 °C.

Anti-fog coatings generally work by creating a hydrophilic surface where condensed moisture spreads into an even film without forming droplets. These coatings have typically suffered from limited anti-fog performance, insufficient abrasion resistance and poor cleanability. NEI’s anti-fog coatings overcome these issues and provide excellent abrasion resistance in addition to anti-fog characteristics. The novel coating technology is based on NEI’s patented scratch-resistant transparent coating, commercially known as NANOMYTE SR-100. The scratch resistant base coating formulation has been modified with unique amphiphilic compounds which are locked into the coating matrix, thereby leading to durable anti-fog performance. The scratch-resistant coating matrix provides a high degree of mechanical stability.

NANOMYTE SAF-200 is ideally suited for surfaces where prevention of fogging is needed, such as face shields, respirators, goggles, outdoor signage, camera lenses, environmental enclosures, bathroom mirrors, and other applications where fogging needs to be mitigated. The 2-part liquid coating solution can be applied by dipping, spraying, roll or flow coating. NEI also offers in-house coating services for customer’s parts as well as coating development services, wherein coating formulations are created to address specific customer requirements.

The NANOMYTE line of protective coatings and surface treatments provide tailored functionalities, such as hydrophobicity, superhydrophobicity, oleophobicity, superoleophobicity, self-healing, fog resistance, self-cleaning (or easy-to-clean), scratch resistance, anti-corrosion, and anti-icing. In addition to imparting protective and aesthetic properties, NANOMYTE coatings lead to gains in productivity and efficiency and therefore can be used in many applications that traditionally have not used paints or coatings. The coatings are versatile and can be applied on a variety of substrates – including glass, plastic, fiber-composite, metal, and ceramic.

Source: NEI Corporation