News | June 3, 2024

New Coating Facility At The PERI Plant In Weißenhorn

The ultra-modern coating system represents a significant investment in the future of the plant in Weißenhorn.

Together with around 600 guests - including the entire workforce of the Weißenhorn formwork plant - the new surface coating facility was put into operation today at PERI's headquarters.

It is the core element and centerpiece of a comprehensive investment package with which PERI has invested around EUR 60 million in the modernisation and competitiveness of the Weißenhorn formwork plant, in new technologies and sustainable production over the last three years.

“With this major investment, we are modernising our Weißenhorn formwork plant and are pioneers in our industry with this facility”’ says PERI CEO Christian Schwörer. “From now on, our customers will receive formwork elements with an innovative and, to date, unique coating in our industry: PERIskin. It offers significantly better protection against corrosion than conventional coatings and at the same time sets new standards in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.”

PERIskin is a multi-stage coating technology that covers formwork frames or other metal components like a second skin without seams or gaps and protects complex components reliably and durably against corrosion. At the core of the PERIskin technology is VIANT, a process developed by Chemetall, the global business unit for surface technology of BASF's Coatings division, and further developed together with PERI for the realisation of PERIskin in the new facility.

What is special about this innovative dip coating is that - in contrast to conventional coatings such as galvanising - it takes place at room temperature (20 degrees Celsius) and does not require any electricity to build up the coating.

This new technology can therefore save a considerable amount of energy compared to conventional coating processes. Coating components with PERIskin only requires about 5 % of the energy required for galvanising. PERI obtains 100 % of the energy required for the application of PERIskin from the company's own biomass cogeneration plant.

“With considerably lower resource consumption and a significantly reduced overall environmental impact we are taking a big step towards considerably more sustainable, environmentally friendly production at internationally competitive manufacturing costs with this new facility,” says Dr. Carsten Weiß, Managing Director of the PERI Group's Business Area Formwork.

“We have invested EUR 60 million in the future, competitiveness and innovative strength of PERI”, says Christian Schwörer. “This new facility ensures that we remain ahead of the competition and can offer our customers new, innovative products - which are produced here in Weissenhorn.”

Source: PERI