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Nippon Paint China Works With Academia To Develop Air-Purifying Architectural Coatings

Shanghai /PRNewswire/ - Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd. (Nippon Paint China), East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), and East China Normal University (ECNU) formally launched the "Photocatalytic Purification Coating Technology Innovation Platform". This platform seeks to promote innovation and application of photocatalytic purification coating technology through a cooperative industry-academia model of innovation. Taking this launch as an opportunity, Nippon Paint China is committed to leading the development of future efficient solutions for urban air pollution control, improving living environments, and accelerating the construction of a beautiful China.

As China's "3060" dual-carbon goals and the new round of the Shanghai Clean Air Action Plan starting from 2023 progress, the "green transformation" of the coating industry has accelerated.

Dr. Xiu Guangli, Professor of the ECUST School of Resource and Environmental Engineering, Director of key laboratories endorsed by Ministry of Ecology and Environment and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, emphasized the significance of updating architectural coating technology to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for greener buildings and greener cities.

Photocatalysis refers to the oxidation-reduction reaction generated by specific catalyst materials when exposed to light sources of a specific wavelength. Dr. Sun Zhuo, professor at the ECNU School of Physics and Electronic Science and academician of the Asia Pacific Academy of Materials, explained that nanocrystalline titanium nanomaterials have been demonstrated to be environmentally friendly, safe, and effective.

Currently, nanocrystalline titanium materials are utilized in the R&D of Nippon Paint China. Recent studies have proved that Nippon Paint China's photocatalytic purification coating technology used in Interior coating has formaldehyde removal, odor removal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, whereas exterior coating can reduce nitrogen oxides effectively, with the removal rate of nitrogen dioxide reaching more than 80% in 2 hours[i].

This launch event marks the beginning of a strategic partnership between Nippon Paint China, ECUST, and ECNU that will strengthen joint scientific research, talent development, brand promotion, and technology transfer. Mr. Eric Chung, CEO of Nippon Paint China concluded that, "adhering to the corporate vision of 'building the most valuable ecological platform with technology and becoming the leader of the overall coating solutions', we will make technological innovation, talent cultivation, and industrial applications closely linked through this cooperation, creating a green future for the coating industry".

[i] Under experimental conditions, refer to JC/T1074-2021's G-type photocatalytic material testing criteria.

Source: Nippon Paint China

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