News | February 10, 2012

NuSil Technology Launches Room Temperature Curable Silicone Coating


A new room temperature, one-part silicone coating has been unveiled by NuSil Technology, a developer of silicone compounds for electronics, aerospace, healthcare and other applications. The MED-6671 coating has a low coefficient of friction (CoF).

There has been several issues in applications like O-rings, molded rubber stoppers, precision molded parts, where silicones come into contact with one another. Silicone elastomers have a high level of surface tack and they stick to each other due to chemical affinity. This may cause obstacles in applications where the materials come into contact with the same kind or other surfaces. To overcome such problems, NuSil has designed MED-6671 room temperature curable coating scattered in tert-butyl acetate. The material considerably enhances the cured silicone surface's coefficient of friction.

The curing process chemically bonds the one-part silicone coating to the silicone elastomer substrate, resulting in a smooth finish. Thus, a more flexible and durable coating is produced, which withstands abrasion from rubbing, sliding and moving parts.

Brian Nash, VP of Sales and Marketing, stated that with abrasion resistance and chemical bonding features, The MED-6671 low CoF coating reduces friction as well as prevents piling of dirt and foreign waste. The coating may be used for long-lasting implant applications.