News | May 5, 2021

Oerlikon Balzers Introduces Its New BALDIA Portfolio Of Diamond Coatings

Oerlikon Balzers, a leading provider of surface solutions, has introduced its new BALDIA portfolio of diamond coatings. Diamond provides special properties: it is extremely wear-resistant due to its unsurpassed hardness, offers thermal conductivity and is chemically inert, making it the best choice for machining highly abrasive base materials. The diamond coatings from the BALDIA portfolio improve cutting performance and allow parts to be manufactured with tightest tolerances for the best possible finishing accuracy.

The new diamond coating portfolio covers the entire spectrum of demanding machining applications and is divided into two groups of different base materials. The first contains coatings for machining highly abrasive compacted and sintered powders like graphite for moulds and dies, as well as ceramics for dental applications. For these applications, the BALDIA COMPACT and BALDIA COMPACT DC coatings produce the best possible machining performance. The second group of base materials are fibre-reinforced plastics, stack materials and highly abrasive aluminium alloys used in the aerospace and automotive industries. For this group, BALDIA NANO and BALDIA COMPOSITE DC are the right choice. In both groups the ending “DC” stands for maximum coating quality with consistently high tool performance and the tightest possible tolerances for tool diameter and coating thickness.

Wolfgang Kalss, Head of Cutting Tools at Oerlikon Balzers, says: “The acquisition of D-Coat last year gave us the opportunity to create the best solutions by pooling our synergies and bundling our expertise. The result is the new BALDIA portfolio, which is tailored to the specific needs of today’s most demanding markets. Our new BALDIA portfolio allows our customers to machine highly challenging special materials economically and to increase the service life of their cutting tools.”

Oerlikon Balzers operates competence centres for diamond coatings on all continents where the company has production facilities. At the main centres in Niedercorn (Luxembourg), Erkelenz (Germany; formerly D-Coat), Lake Orion (USA), Busan (Korea), and soon in other countries in Asia, experts are on hand to advise customers on the right BALDIA coating.

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BALDIA is the next-generation portfolio of high-quality diamond coatings, offering added value to customers by allowing parts to be manufactured with tightest tolerances for the best possible finishing accuracy when machining highly demanding special materials.

Source: Oerlikon Balzers