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Onyx Coating Unveils New Range Of Vunyx® Films: The Pinnacle Of Automotive Paint Protection

New Range of Vunyx® Films by Onyx Coating

Great Neck, NY /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Onyx Coating, a leading innovator in automotive protection and care, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary Vunyx® Films. This groundbreaking range of paint protection films represents the culmination of meticulous German engineering and cutting-edge technology, designed to safeguard vehicles from the everyday elements and elevate the ownership experience.

Vunyx® Films surpass conventional paint protection, boasting a pioneering Stain stain-resistant technology that repels dust and water which helps to minimize oxidation and ensures a consistently pristine finish. Available in three distinct finishes – gloss transparent, Matte, and Gloss Black. Vunyx® Films cater to a variety of aesthetic preferences while delivering unparalleled protection.

"We are thrilled to introduce Vunyx® Films, the next generation of automotive surface protection," says Mr. Ahmed Madi, Sales Director of Onyx Coating. "These films embody our commitment to providing car owners with unparalleled protection and convenience. With Vunyx® Films, drivers can spend less time maintaining their vehicles and more time enjoying the freedom of the open road."

Installers benefit greatly from using Vunyx® films for several reasons. Firstly, Vunyx® films offer easy application, simplifying the installation process and saving valuable time and effort for installers. Secondly, Vunyx® provides a variety of warranty programs, ensuring peace of mind for installers and their clients by offering comprehensive coverage and support. These benefits not only streamline the installation process but also enhance the overall experience, making Vunyx® films a preferred choice for installers seeking efficiency and reliability.

Vunyx® Matte Film
This sophisticated film transcends conventional paint protection, featuring Onyx Coating' pioneering Stain Resistant Technology. The Vunyx® Matte Film delivers a consistently pristine, matte finish that minimizes the need for extensive maintenance.

Vunyx® Gloss Black Film
The Vunyx® Gloss Black Film offers a mirror-like finish with superior stain resistance, ensuring a consistently flawless appearance.

Vunyx® Guard Pro Film & Vunyx® Shield Pro Film
Both Guard Pro and Shield Pro films provide exceptional protection against scratches, chips, and environmental damage, featuring the same innovative Stain Resistant Technology for a long-lasting, pristine finish.

Experience the Vunyx® Difference
To learn more about Onyx Coating's Vunyx® Films and discover the perfect fit for your vehicle, visit the company's new eCommerce site at

About Onyx Coating
Onyx Coating is a leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of innovative automotive protection and care products. The company is dedicated to delivering and guaranteeing complete protection for vehicles of all types, empowering drivers to experience the joy of ownership with complete peace of mind.

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