Powder Coatings for a Variety of Industries

Source: Ferro Corporation, Diamonite Plant
Powder coating offerings cover a wide range of industries and their needs
Ferro Corporation, Diamonite Planting offerings cover a wide range of industries and their needs. Coatings geared toward the automotive industry include crystal clear formulations that are designed for the aluminum wheel industry. Other tough, corrosion-resistant, and chip- and scratch-resistant Ferro Corporation, Diamonite Plantings are also geared toward this marketplace and are ideal for Class A exterior automotive applications.

The company also offers powder-coating products for the appliance industry. These formulations allow flat, pre-cut and notched steel to be coated before they are fabricated into three-dimensional units. The Polymer Alloy line of coatings improves surface appearance and is FDA-approved for interior applications. Ferro also supplies Ferro Corporation, Diamonite Plantings to general industrial markets as well. These coatings can be custom formulated using in-stock colors, and are available in a variety of textures. Their very good appearance and easy application make them ideal for such applications as metal cabinetry, electrical enclosures and powder delivery systems.

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