News | September 5, 2012

Rex-Cut Abrasive Wheels Are Flexible To Blend And Finish In One Operation


Fall River, MA--(Marketwire) - Rex-Cut Abrasives has introduced an upgraded line of blending, finishing, and polishing abrasive wheels that operate at higher RPMs for use in automated and hand finishing operations.

Rex-Cut® Smooth Touch™ Blending and Polishing Wheels feature non-woven cotton fiber construction that constantly exposes fresh abrasives as they work, are flexible, conformable, and provide smooth control. Suitable for use on stainless steel, exotic metals, and aluminum requiring a high finish, these abrasive wheels are available in standard coarse, medium, and fine grits for use at speeds up to 30,000 RPM, depending upon diameter and thickness.

Incorporating a proprietary bond that provides a single density for applications comparable to conventional 2-9 density unitized wheels, Rex-Cut® Smooth Touch™ Blending and Polishing Wheels are available in 2", 3", 4", and 6" dia. sizes, 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" thick. They will also last up to five times longer than conventional unitized wheels, claims the firm.

Rex-Cut® Smooth Touch™ Blending and Polishing Wheels are priced according to grit, size, and quantity. Samples and pricing are provided upon request.

About Rex-Cut Abrasives

Rex-Cut Abrasives is the oldest manufacturer of cotton fiber abrasive grinding and finishing products in the world. Since the early 1920s, they have been manufacturing a non-woven cotton fabric that is impregnated with abrasive grit and then pressed and formed into various shapes. These specialty abrasive products constantly reveal fresh abrasives as they work and typically reduce finishing steps in all types of industrial and architectural welding and metal fabrication applications.

In 2008, Rex-Cut became 100% employee-owned, a loyal and experienced team who has a true interest in the continued success of the company. Rex-Cut offers a broad line of reinforced nonwoven cotton fiber abrasive products for a wide range of grinding, deburring, blending, and finishing operations on stainless steel, exotic alloys, aluminum other metals, fiberglass and certain composites.

Source: Rex-Cut Abrasives