News | July 15, 2011

RockSolid Floors® Polyurea Diamond Coat Provides Unmatched Strength And Versatility


RockSolid Floors® ( announces the launch of their Diamond Coat, the strongest and most versatile of their One Part Polyurea products.

(PRWEB) - RockSolid Floors® has released their Polyurea Diamond Coat™, the workhorse of their series of One Part Polyurea floor coatings. Diamond Coat's™ chemical and abrasion resistance, along with its incredible strength (20 times that of epoxy,) make it an ideal sealer or top coat in any concrete flooring project. RockSolid Colour Shots can also be added to the Diamond Coat™ to create either a solid color floor or as part of the RockSolid Polyurea Colour System, which uses two Colour Shots and a specially designed two-headed roller to create an elegant, stone-simulating look.

Like all One Part Solutions, it has a virtually unlimited pot-life, allowing installers as much time as they wish to finish their projects with no waste. It is optically clear and very high gloss, giving it a better sheen. Its self-leveling properties prevent it from forming roller lines. With ultra low VOCs and 100% UV stability, the Diamond Coat™ is environmentally friendly and usable both indoors and out.

The unique composition allows it to retain polyurea's usual 4 to 8 hour cure rate and 24 hour return to service when applied, despite its unlimited pot-life. It also retains polyurea's elongation and flexibility, preventing cracks and peeling over time by flowing with concrete's natural movement.

"Polyurea already surpasses epoxy or vinyl flooring in several ways, but One Part Polyurea products like our Diamond Coat go beyond even that—they are the future of floor coating," says Patrick Ilfrey, CEO of RockSolid.

About RockSolid Floors®
RockSolid Floors® is an affiliate company of Citadel Polyurea Coatings®, launched in January 2008. Citadel Polyurea Coatings®, a leading manufacturer of polyurea floor coatings, evolved over 40 years from a mid-size installation company into the leader in one-day polyurea floor applications. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, they began with foundation and horizontal pre-cast c, concrete restoration and polishing, as well as steel and bridge deck coatings. Their focus later shifted to engineering advanced polyurea floor coatings.

Citadel Polyurea Coatings'® manufacturing division has been developing and applying polyurea coatings for over 25 years on a large variety of substrates. They are widely known for manufacturing and installing polyurea floor coatings everywhere from residential garages to commercial kitchens to warehouse facilities. The collective practice gives them over 65 years of experience in the coating industry.

For more information about RockSolid Floors® or their new One Part Polyurea Solutions, please visit or contact Mike McAllister at 612-518-2184.


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