News | September 14, 2017

Ruwac's PCS Series: The Most Efficient Vacuum Cleaning System For Powder Coating

Paint re-contamination inside powder coating booths is a chronic problem facing workers within the powder coating industry. To combat this, Ruwac USA’s brand new PCS Series line of industrial vacuum cleaners are designed specifically to collect every particle of paint off the surface in these booths, regardless of if it’s located on floors, walls or ceilings. Without the worry of paint re-contaminating the booth, the PCS Series saves time from re-cleaning, and maximizing it for spraying and productivity.

The most powerful benefit of Ruwac’s PCS Series is its supreme filtration which keeps workers safe and helps facilities conform to regulations regarding cleanliness in powder coating shops. These MicroClean filters remove 99% of particles down to and including 0.5 micron in size, leaving your spray booth dustless and clean. By removing harmful or irritating paint particles from the air stream, employees are able to breathe easier and work in a safer environment.

Available in fully grounded for general purpose housekeeping, Class II, Division 2, and Class I, Division 1 & 2 certified explosion proof vacuums to protect against static build-up, their durable compression cast composite housings can withstand any construction-duty bump along the way, and are backed by Ruwac’s lifetime guarantee. Each vacuum includes an accessory package with all the tools your PCS Series vacuum will need to easily reach any tough spot in your spray booth.