News | February 25, 2024

SBL Specialty Coatings Inks Pact To Support Research At IIT Ropar

The SBL Specialty Coatings signed an agreement with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar to support research and development in the framework of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The SBL Research Fellowship will be given to the P.hD students working in the broad area of Chemical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy engineering, Department of Metallurgy Engineering. For this fellowship, the preference will be given to the women candidates in Engineering. “We hope to empower more women engineers through our association with IIT Ropar. This fellowship shall prepare the women innovators of tomorrow”, said the managing director of SBL Specialty Coatings, Anil Mehrotra.

Through this fellowship, the researchers at IIT Ropar will innovate new types of Solar Panel coatings for high efficiency solar panels. Reflective Clear coats for glass facades of the energy efficient buildings to reduce interior temperatures of buildings by 10-12 degrees, Ceramic Coatings for modern cars, and Flame/heat resistant Coatings for Utensils which are used in the houses, non-stick coatings for marine application, high quality coatings for Aerospace, Aircrafts and fighter planes.

Speaking on the occasion, the IIT Ropar director Prof. Rajeev Ahuja said, “My mission is to make IIT Ropar an industry centric institute where the students and faculty members directly work with the industry to solve real life problems and innovate futuristic technology for social good. To strengthen the Industry – Academic connect, we have started a bimonthly industry day at IIT Ropar in which specific industry partners are invited to discuss the problem statements so that the IIT Ropar faculty members and students can take up the challenge to provide solution of their problem.

SBL specialty coatings inks pact to support research at IIT Ropar. Commenting on this initiative during the ceremony, Associate Dean (R&D) at IIT Ropar Dr. Pushpendra P. Singh said, “IIT Ropar holds a true potential to become the innovation hub. This program is a commitment towards helping our research scholars to carve an innovative future while working closely with the industry.”

Adding to the successful launch during the closing remarks, the Dean of R&D at IIT Ropar Prof. Navin Kumar emphasized that the CSR agreement with SBL Specialty Coatings is the first step in the direction of forging a long-term association between IIT Ropar and the industry. “I am sure, many more industries in the region will follow the trend and invest in the future through such fellowship program”, he added.

Source: SBL Coatings Private Limited