News | April 14, 2010

Small Part Batch Blasting Options From Guyson


Guyson International has a range of batch blasting equipment for the effective cleaning, deburring, deflashing, cosmetic finishing and surface preparation of small components.

Leading industrial finishing equipment manufacturer Guyson International has a range of batch blasting equipment for the effective cleaning, deburring, deflashing, cosmetic finishing and surface preparation of small components such as aerospace fasteners, circlips, rivets, diecastings, nuts and bolts and surgical screws.

The Guyson Tumbleblast T40, T50 and EB1 Endless Belt systems all provide speedy and effective blast finishing for batch processing of smaller components, whilst delivering fast cycle times, repeatable process quality and ease of operation.

When used for light deburring of newly machined turned parts the combination of high velocity and superfine media proves to be highly effective in penetrating inside narrow threaded areas and difficult to reach inner recesses. Blast media selection can be made from glass, metal, plastic or ceramic bead to create systems capable of a wide variety of surface cleaning and finishing operations.

The two tumblebasket machines cope with small or large batches of metal or plastic components. The larger Guyson T50 standard basket can handle loads of up to 50kg, but can also prove effective with lighter, smaller loads using alternative insert baskets. The smaller T40 machine has a maximum loading of 35kg.

The GuysonT40 is equipped with one model 900 blast gun as standard or two, as an option, whereas the T50 has two as standard and can accommodate a maximum of three. These can be either aluminium or bronze bodied and custom tailored using a wide range of air jets in combination with ceramic; tungsten or boron carbide lined nozzles for longer life. An air wash nozzle is generally grouped with the blast guns and so directed at the components to clean them of any residue media once blasting has finished. All of the guns can be easily pivoted out of the way when required.

Tough polymer coated baskets are supplied where higher abrasion resistance is needed but where circumstances demand that highly sensitive surfaces, such as high quality surgical implants, which must be kept free from ferrous contamination, both the baskets and cabinet flooring are supplied in stainless steel. Similarly superfine stainless steel beadblast media is employed to ensure total compatibility.

Each Guyson Tumbleblast system comes complete with an effective dust collection unit which removes and filters dust-laden air from the blast chamber. An optional extra includes an air wash directed at the inside surface of the door, which avoids any spillages into the workshop area when opening the front door. A mechanical door interlock linked to the door air-wash prevents operator access until after the air wash has closed down.

If heavier component loads are required these can be easily dealt with in the EB1 - Endless Belt machine, which can deal with loads up to 70 kg. The machine is fitted with a highly durable continuous rubber belt on which the components are constantly tumbled. Four Guyson model 900 guns, which are highly controllable for direction, coverage and impact pressure, provide high capacity blast coverage. The EB1 delivers a very high quality of finish in a small footprint and offers the flexibility to use other softer blast media such as glass or plastic bead if the surface finish demands it.

Customers that have a regular need for a standard blast cabinet and only a periodic tumbleblasting requirement are also provided for, with a special option of a motorised tumblebasket fitted to the door of several sizes of Guyson Euroblast cabinets; this enables the best of both worlds.

Prospective user of its manual or automated blast systems are encouraged to submit sample components for feasibility testing to the companies extensive development workshop at Skipton, England.

SOURCE: Guyson