News | June 9, 2011

South-Tek Systems Announces Release Of The MICBlast FPS-50 Corrosion Inhibiting System

Wilmington, NC - South-Tek Systems, the leading designer and manufacturer of nitrogen generation technology, is proud to announce the release of the MICBlast FPS 50 Corrosion Inhibiting System for fire sprinkler systems. The MICBlast System incorporates an internal nitrogen generator in order to replace compressed air with clean, dry, inert nitrogen gas in dry and preaction fire protection systems (FPS).

In the Fire Protection Industry, engineers, contractors, and building managers prefer compact, quality products that provide the most practical features. The MICBlast - Corrosion Inhibiting System, for Dry and Pre-Action FPS, encompasses all of these. South-Tek Systems has been providing the MICBlast FPS-50, designed for up to seven hundred and fifty gallons of total sprinkler capacity, as an extension of two decades of research and continuous development.

The MICBlast FPS-50, an all-in-one turnkey system, is virtually identical to another South-Tek Systems Nitrogen Generator; the GSA approved N2-GEN used for a variety of platforms by the United States Military in combat zones. This system is fully cataloged by the Department of Defense and has been assigned a NSN (National Stock Number).

The MICBlast FPS-50 uses the same quality, durable components as the N2-GEN and encompasses all aspects of a compact Nitrogen Generation System including integrated oil-less air compressor, air cooling system, and filtration while only requiring a 110V electrical connection. In addition, the MICBlast FPS-50 has a variety of other features which include the BlastOff - Leak Detection System, automatic FPS purging devices, and Nitrogen purity analyzers engineered to work specifically with MICBlast technology.

The MICBlast FPS-50 is being utilized by data centers, defense contractors, storage facilities, banks, etc. that have smaller fire protection systems. This compact system has been installed and tested at many of these locations for over two years with 100% success in inhibiting both Galvanic and Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC).

The MICBlast FPS Corrosion Inhibiting System, whether integrated into large or smaller facilities, is the scientifically proven solution to inhibiting corrosion, allowing the building manager to have complete confidence in the performance of their building's FPS should the system be triggered in the event of an emergency.

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SOURCE: South-Tek Systems