News | July 14, 2020

Speedliner Offers Protection For More Than Just Truck Beds With Their Boat Trailer Application

Speedliner, a Houston based, spray-in bed liner retailer manufactured by Industrial Polymers, produces applications used for products well beyond the truck bed and bed liner repair, particularly, boat and trailer applications!

“At Speedliner, we understand that truck beds are far from the only vehicle space used to haul supplies, carry equipment, and help with similar tasks,” said Labita Boddie, Owner. “Speedliner’s liner solutions are well suited to transportation processes and the serious protections they need, whether you are using boats and trailers recreationally or for commercial purposes.”

Speedliner is used in applications where a flexible rubber coated surface is needed to resist abrasion, impact and corrosion over metal, fiberglass or masonry surfaces. It offers easy mixing and simple spray-on application through a low-cost gravity feed hopper spray gun or may be applied by brush or paint roller. Speedliner can be mixed with sand and or aluminum oxide grit additives to provide an aggressive non-skid surface.

Speedliner is a leader in the protective coatings industry due to being the world’s toughest coating. This is also including coatings on boats and trailers. Both boats and trailers are at risk for some pretty harsh corrosion due to many factors including UV rays and the saltwater. With Speedliner coatings damage from those can be avoided as well as being waterproof, having a nonslip service, and resistance to scratches, rust and dirt.

Spray-on liner options ensure that trailers stay strong for as long as possible. As with boats, a good liner can help prevent moisture from seeping in and causing damage to the surface, which eventually leads to rust. Our top-tier liner options also help protect trailer surfaces from UV light and can preserve color on painted trailers.

Boats usually have strong protective coatings, especially on the hull and surrounding materials. But these coatings aren’t always enough and can wear down over time. Our Speedliner coatings will help prevent corrosion and UV damage from boating excursions, so parts last longer, paint resists cracking, and you save money on boat maintenance.

Speedliner is here for all of your application needs. Learn more by contacting Speedliner to discuss the right application for your boat or trailer. We’re happy to help you find the application you need and the process that works best for you.

Source: Speedliner