News | October 16, 2008

Stainless Steel Metal Finish Roller Brush From Valgro India


Valgro Engineers Private Limited now increase production capacity of biggest brush producer in the world and earn world largest roller brush producer in India. The brush size is 600mm OD x 2150mm length largest brush for stainless steel and coil finishing with variety of grit for various finish.

Valgro Engineers Private Limited takes an excellent opportunity with immense pleasure and offers Metal finish Wide Face roller Brush to meet the vital demand from metal sheets, strips, coil manufacturer and coil coater for uniform cleaning and finishing requirement.

Valgro-Fynex brushes are perfectly used for the flat surfaces. It presents uniform hairline / satin / matt finishing on ferrous and non-ferrous metal surface. Wide face roller brush are use before coating operation on galvanize sheet. It can be useful to remove debris and infectivity from surfaces to add to a clean surface. It produces a regular anchor pattern to get better the surface for superior coating adhesion for pre-coated sheet.

"Valgro-Fynex" Wide face roller brushes ideally suited for flat surface. It removes debris and contamination from surface to create a clean surface, generate a consistent anchor pattern to improve the surface for better coating adhesion and aesthetic appearance. All of these advantages increases productivity and reduces costs.

Valgro-Fynex wide roller brushes are dynamically balanced, which extends brush life. To satisfy the ever-changing competitive market, we can offer customize solution with import substitute.

Valgro wide face roller brush enable us to use the lesser amount of chemicals and heat, which recovers surface deadlines and worker's wellbeing and condense waste disposal needs. It can be used in the solutions along with a ph of 2-10 on the cleaning line.

It also offers easy to use option in such applications. With a pre-grinding already done, it is possible to achieve the desired healthy results in single operation Valgro must agree to a fundamental revolution in the way of its function and system.

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SOURCE: Valgro Engineers Private Limited