News | July 14, 2009

Stainless Steel Sheet Polishing Machine From Valgro India


Today's market demand good surface finish on stainless steel sheet whether it is architectural fabrication, Airport cladding or a pillar, Building panel, Railways coaches, or industrial fabrication.

Batter aesthetic look is first impression which feels "love at first site" after rigorous trail and error Valgro India develop multi station wet and dry sheet polishing brushing machine for stainless steel services center and steel plant. This unique brushing machine create variety of finish Satin, Matt, Deep Hairline, Fine Hairline, #04 finish with the technical help from Valgro-Fynex abrasives brush division.,

Valgro India is distinguished due to its adherence to high quality standard and ensuring complete client satisfaction. It is renowned for master workmanship. Valgro is the only company that manufacturers abrasives brush and abrasives brushing machines, in order to provide complete solutions to clients. Through continuous innovation and commitment to products quality the company is poised to acquire leadership position in the industries.

Advantage of VALGRO sheet polishing machine :

  • Uniform surfacing
  • Bright and #4 finish in single operation
  • Brush diameter upto 600 mm
  • Brush length upto 2150 mm
  • No dressing required for brush

Brush Finish, duplex Finish, Mirror finish
Brush finish achieved by Valgro heavy-duty Nonwoven flap brush up to diam. 500mm.
Duplex Finish achieved with combination od abrasives belt and Nonwoven flap brush.
Wet No. 04 HAIRLINE finish : wet No. 4 HAIRLINE finish for coil or sheet. Finishes much in demand by the far east market.
Dry Finish : No.3, or No. 4 Finish DRY with Duplex combo brush or abrasives belt grit 120-180-240-320.
For Stainless steel sheet e.g. 1250 x 2500mm or 1500 x 3000mm For Stainless steel coil from 15 or 20 tonnes


  • Multi station front Side brushing station
  • Vertical axis rotating and oscillating brushes
  • Brushing, water rinsing, Squeezing, drying,
  • Dry operation – dust extraction and absolute filter (optional)
  • Cleans all residues and contamination from the surface,
  • Adjustable brushing pressure
  • Adjustable brush speed (Optional)
  • Brushing Capacity : width 450mm to 1750mm,
  • consistent brush abrasion
  • Control by PLC complete with touch screen (Optional)
  • Adjustable conveyor speed (belt / roller)
  • Solid metal body construction (S.S. / M.S.)
  • Different brush grits combinations are possible to perform different surface treatment
  • emergency security switch
  • Reversal conveyor speed for emergency / accident case.
  • The integrated frequency converter allows the machine to work worldwide with all power supply systems and enables smooth start and enhanced motor protection.

SOURCE: Valgro