News | January 8, 2019

Sun Glo Plating Company Now Offering Hardcoat Anodizing Services

In an effort to empower customers with the best options available today, one of the nation’s best in plating is now offering additional services.

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) - Representatives with Clearwater, Florida-based Sun Glo Plating Company, announced today that the company is now offering hardcoat anodizing services.

Dave Brackenhamer, director of business development and spokesman for Sun-Glo Plating Company, explained that Type III (Hardcoat Anodizing) is specifically designed to treat aluminum components that are subject to heavy-duty wear and tear.
“With that, the material needs a thicker, denser and more resilient coat to protect from more damaging and corrosive environments,” Brackenhamer said, before adding, “Hardcoat anodizing can be considered the workhorse of the three types of the anodizing processes.”

Some benefits of hardcoat anodizing services are that surfaces are repairable, it can be black dyed, the coating is harder than tool steel, it doesn’t conduct electricity, it improves parts surface, and improves wear resistance.

“Through this process, we can see in thicknesses in upwards of 0.003,” said Backenhamer. “Because of this, the coating helps to improve the wear resistance on materials, which makes for long lasting functionality, higher quality material, fewer replacement demands and can also be used to salvage components that would otherwise need to be completely replaced. In addition to wear resistant applications, Type III Hardcoat Anodizing offers the greatest electrical insulation.”

As to why anyone should consider Sun-Glo’s hardcoat anodizing services, Brackenhamer pointed to the fact that the company has more than 32 years of experience providing expert advice for both small and industrial sized clients. In addition to that, its team brings decades of experience in delivering a quality product for our clients.

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