News | October 13, 2018

Sun Glo Plating Company Now Offering Powder Coating Services

In an effort to empower customers with the best options available today, one of the nation’s best in plating is now offering additional services.

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) - Representatives with Clearwater, Florida-based Sun Glo Plating Company, announced today that the company is now offering powder coating services.

Dave Brackenhamer, director of business development and spokesman for Sun-Glo Plating Company, explained that powder coating is achieved by electrostatic spray deposition of a polymer powder to a metal part and then heated to cure.

“The resulting coating produces long molecular chains that are durable but yet flexible,” Brackenhamer said, before adding, “However, unlike wet paint, the powder coating is 4 to 10 times thicker.”

The finish, according to Brackenhamer, can come in a multitude of colors and textures. Because of their resistance to chipping, scratching, fading and wearing this has been the go-to finish for a vast majority of parts. In addition to these benefits, it has become the most economical, longest lasting and color-durable finishes available.

As to why anyone should consider Sun-Glo’s powder coating services, Brackenhamer pointed to the fact that the company has more than 32 years of experience providing expert advice for both small and industrial sized clients. In addition to that, its team brings decades of experience in delivering a quality product for our clients.

Some benefits of powder coating are improved corrosion resistance, a multitude of colors, durability, and economical.

“Our team ensures your products are best in class, meets all the required specifications and are held to the highest standards,” Brackenhamer said.

For more information, please visit http://www.sun-glo/services/ and http://www.sun-glo/about/.

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Working in partnership with our customers, we continue to add services, increase capacity, refine procedures and improve quality. This commitment has allowed for unprecedented growth and to gain a reputation as one of the nation’s leading finishers. There is much more to plating than “dipping and shipping.” We have over 30 years’ experience providing expert advice for both small and industrial sized clients.


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