News | January 3, 2019

TopCoat Introduces Environmentally Safe, VOC-Free Protective Coating Spray, TopCoat HPS

TopCoat, the premier brand of high-end surface coatings and sealants, is proud to announce recently the launch of its latest product, the TopCoat HPS, which is an advanced protective coating spray with a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)-free formula that is suitable for all-purpose applications.

“We are extremely proud of our highly refined, eco-friendly TopCoat HPS formula, which is designed to replace, out-perform, and out-last any and all traditional coating products on the market” said Cody, Topcoat F11 media representative. “In fact, TopCoat HPS eliminates the need for washes, waxes, polishes, coatings and sealants, and it can even replace cleaners like all-purpose and glass cleaners. TopCoat HPS-treated surfaces are not left artificially shiny or dangerously slick, as the product merely enhances the intended look, bringing out the material’s depth of color with minimal effort. Thousands of customers have already placed their trust in TopCoat HPS, and the results speak for themselves.”

TopCoat HPS is eco-safe and non-toxic, contains no solvents, toxic chemicals, or abrasive compounds, and its zero VOC content translates to no caustic fume production, meaning, it is suitable for closed door or confined areas, whether indoor or outdoor usage. TopCoat HPS quickly bonds to all surfaces including paint, fiberglass, metal, chrome, glass, plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather and more, and is ideal for application on all sorts of auto and motor vehicles, bikes, boats, and RVs. Although TopCoat HPS can be applied to literally anything to enhance, shine, and protect, it is an essential, go-to product for the home. Use HPS in kitchens, on stainless steel, granite, appliances, bathrooms, shower walls, tile, glass, and doors. You can even use TopCoat HPS on indoor and outdoor windows, mirrors, patios, grills, and furniture, whether wood, metal, leather, or fabric.

TopCoat HPS provides a long-lasting protective and strong barrier that molecularly bonds with any surface providing immediate benefits from lasting water repellency that reduces hard water stains, to strengthening the surface tension on any material by functionally adding a silica-crystaline coating that chemically bonds at a microscopic level and forms a flexible mesh-like barrier when cured. Our industry leading technology maintains an enviro-barrier ensuring TopCoat HPS protects from bird droppings, bug splatter, acid rain, brake dust, road film, UV damage, and environmental fallout. TopCoat HPS also retards the damaging effects of these contaminants, and reduces UV oxidation damage, a critical issue on boats, RVs, and other surfaces with high sun exposure.

TopCoat HPS is formulated to be exceptional easy to apply and remove, allowing anyone with or without detailing knowledge to use while achieving the same results of a hired expert, for hundreds of dollars less. As with any of TopCoat’s sealers, HPS will literally keep and maintain your vehicle, bike, boat, truck, or home in new condition for decades if you use and apply HPS as suggested. Every application of HPS only improves the surface characteristics and the coating’s ability to function, alleviating the need to ever wash or use other costly detailing products again.

Unlike other products on the market that attempt to mimic and copy TopCoat from product formulation, look, to exact language, HPS is the first coating on the market that truly and successfully does it all. TopCoat’s technology has proven impossible for copycat type competitors to replicate as these knock-off brands have been riddled with problems stemming from turning customer engines white due to heat issues, to failing on airplane fuselage due to harsh temperature swings, to staining light colored car interiors and discoloring fabrics, to cracking and yellowing plastics and acrylics such as windshields, tainting paint from fogging, whitening, and cracking issues. This is where TopCoat’s extensive testing, decades of real-world use, and chemical R&D really shine and place them as the coating industry authority.

TopCoat is a world leader and arguably the most recognized name in the industry, known by millions of people worldwide. “We didn’t get to this position by accident or by introducing inferior products into the market, and we are number one for a reason. Our experience in this industry is second to none, and we have the best technology, the best chemists, and the best products,” said Scott Smith Co-Founder of TopCoat.

TopCoat’s goal is to make life easier by formulating the best coatings and detailing products on the market with the best technology available, going against the industry grain by designing multi-use & multi-application coatings that eliminate costly products with one that coats, enhances, and protects it all, easily and effectively, providing satisfaction and peace of mind to customers.

Source: TopCoat