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Transforming Home Exteriors With DIY Stone Coatings

One of the easiest and most economical ways to achieve an exterior transformation is with do-it-yourself stone coatings from Daich Coatings. Available throughout North America, the easy-to-apply coatings enhance the look of walkways, steps and porches.

Hamilton, ON (PRWEB) - National Curb Appeal Month in August is the ideal time for homeowners to upgrade the look of walkways, steps and porches. Transforming ugly, cracked concrete can add both beauty and value to a home’s exterior.

One of the easiest and most economical ways to achieve an exterior transformation is with do-it-yourself stone coatings. Developed by Daich Coatings, the high-performance concrete coatings are actually made of stone with a “Stone Texture Roller” used to apply the products, providing a rustic, anti-slip surface.

“For more than 20 years we’ve offered our real stone coatings,” says Peter Daich, president of Daich Coatings. “These are not concrete paints. Each product is made of a selected mix of stone in a specialized bonding polymer. This provides a durable, beautiful finish with proven long-term performance against extreme cold temperatures, soaring heat, UV rays and severe weather conditions.”

Easy as Painting

For people who like to stand and use a roller, Daich Coatings offers the options of RollerRock®, Terrazzo™ and SpreadStone™.

“If you’re looking for a super-quick, attractive and slip-resistant finish, then RollerRock or Terrazzo are good choices,” says Daich. “These products are all water-based, practically odorless and contain low VOCs.”

RollerRock, which requires no primer, comes in 15 colors and provides a clean, speckled stone appearance. A Stone Texture Roller helps any homeowner achieve a rustic, textured stone anti-slip surface. Two coats of RollerRock are recommended about three to four hours apart, followed by a clear sealer the next day.

Terrazzo can also be applied with a Stone Texture Roller and requires no primer and, in many cases, no sealer. The lightly-textured decorative slip-resistant formula is fully pre-mixed and comes in ivory, tan or gray.

And for those who want the authentic look of tile or natural stone, indoors or out, the SpreadStone Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kit is a complete solution with all coatings. A specialized applicator for achieving stunning decorative results is included, making it easy for anyone to apply.

Currently available in five color finishes, the versatile pre-mixed SpreadStone stone coating resists cracks, impact, abrasions and chemicals. The product rolls on easily over a primed seamless or stenciled surface. After the first coat dries, a second coat in a different color may be applied to create a unique color distinction.

Trowel Applications

Those homeowners wishing for a thicker, plaster-like application may choose the SpreadStone product in the trowel-applied version.

“SpreadStone’s trowel-on formula is the original mix that has been installed by contractors and homeowners alike for more than 25 years,” says Daich. “The buttery-soft stone formula spreads on like cement. However, you won’t have the problems inherent with cement-based materials that are commonly subject to cracking and water penetration.

“SpreadStone is a tough, flexible, highly water-resistant product. Users can get creative and produce stunning stone textures with a variety of easy techniques. There are limitless possibilities to increasing the decorative exterior of a home with this easy-to-apply product.”

Even Easier Trowel Applications

For a very quick and easy standing trowel application, homeowners may consider SpreadRock® stone coating. Applied from a comfortable standing position using a squeegee, this product provides an elegantly authentic speckled granite coating ideal for porches, steps, walkways and entrances.

SpreadRock can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, making it ideal for foundation and retaining walls. Any of five colors may be put on after a primer has been applied. Hi-Build Ultra Clear Coat should be added as a topcoat the next day.

“The advanced chemistry of SpreadRock allows it to resist salt, mold, mildew, impact, abrasion, chemicals and freeze/thaw conditions,” says Daich. “Just as with our other products, SpreadRock offers the beauty of speckled granite married with the strength of stone.

“The many colors available in our concrete coatings make any of our products a terrific way to add curb appeal to a home exterior. Whether you’re giving a worn-out patio or sidewalk a new look, or selecting a texture and color to complement your siding, Daich Coatings are the economical way to add style and value to your home.”

Daich Coatings primers and decorative concrete products are available online at The Home Depot® or online at

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