News | September 16, 2011

Triton Systems, Inc. Announces Invexus Brand Of Coatings

Increase Functionality and Improve Product Performance with Invisible Invexus Coatings

Chelmsford, MA - Triton Systems, Inc. (Triton) announces it has launched the Invexus brand of high performance, durable, conformal, nanothin coatings — deposited via our patented atmospheric pressure plasma liquid deposition technology. The ASSET (Advanced Solutions in Surface Engineering Technology) division at Triton developed Invexus brand for liquid repellent, primer and anti-microbial applications.

Invexus can be used on variety of products without changing their bulk properties or general characteristics. Webs (such as textiles and films) and rigid substrates (including complex 3D geometries; temperature and solvent sensitive components) can be transformed into highly functional products with invisible Invexus. Markets that can immediately benefit from Invexus include technical textiles (protective clothing, medical textiles), medical equipment and supplies, sensitive electronics and displays, and gaskets and sealants.

Invexus coatings are applied by a proprietary, low temperature atmospheric pressure plasma system. This patented, environmentally friendly, low energy process ensures original precursor functionalities are retained — even for large and complex molecules. This advantage, unique to ASSET, allows you to achieve a step change in the performance of your products.

We are very excited to offer the Invexus line of coating products to our customers," said Dr. Arjan Giaya, Vice President at Triton Systems and Director of the ASSET division. "Our team of engineers and scientists has unique experience in plasma coating chemistry, processes and equipment. Our R&D center in Massachusetts and the Application Center in North Dakota are well equipped for any customer specific application development or coating service based on the Invexus family of products."

"Invexus coatings offer a new solution to the coatings marketplace," added Ross Haghighat, Triton President and CEO. "Our coatings formulation capabilities coupled with our unique patented coating technology enable, for the first time, superior ultrathin coatings that can be applied to almost any surface. We're thrilled about the possibilities Invexus will provide our customers."

SOURCE: Triton Systems, Inc.