News | July 28, 2022

Weston & Associates Collaborates With Tesla NanoCoatings To Develop New Coating For Tanks

Weston and Associates, the leading liquid bulk and dry storage systems company, has teamed up with Tesla NanoCoatings to create a new product specifically designed for the tank industry. The joint collaboration has led to a superior corrosion protection coating that is superior to all current coatings on the market.

Tesla NanoCoatings’ global leader in carbon nanotechnology allows it to continually refine the carbon nanotubes in paints to meet unique corrosion needs of specific industries like the tank market.

“We have found our collaboration with Tesla NanoCoatings very enlightening and perfectly timed” commented Andrew Feucht, President, Weston & Associates. Further, “it allowed us to really explore and deepen our knowledge of corrosion protection; within this market specifically, the coating is one of the most important processes. This provides us, as well as our clients, with the assurance that we’ve chosen the right partner. It really is a ‘wonder’ coating.”

The joint collaboration’s research was devised over a six-month period, as Weston & Associates engineers worked with Tesla NanoCoating scientists, to create a coating that will meet and exceed Weston & Associates client expectations.

“This is our first collaborative effort to work with a manufacturer to create a product that meets a very specific market need relative to corrosion protection,” stated Todd Hawkins, President and CEO, Tesla NanoCoatings. Hawkins went on to say that he looks forward to working with other manufacturers that have very specific corrosion challenges. With over 40 patents in carbon nanotechnology, Tesla NanoCoatings is uniquely qualified to work with companies like Weston & Associates.

Weston & Associates Tank Systems with the Tesla NanoCoating paint will be available starting in August of this year.

Source: Weston & Associates