Latest Headlines

  1. Versatility For The Offshore Oil & Gas Industry With Fast Drying Cargo Tank Coating

    Recently, we launched our high performance, chemical resistant, two component epoxy coating – Hempadur 15600 - for offshore asset owners, specifically designed for the protection of Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) cargo tanks.

  2. IMPCO Introduces Flexible Microfinishing System

    A new design CNC microfinishing system by IMPCO Microfinishing (Lansing, MI), polishes the critical cylindrical bearing journals of a range of different size crankshafts to micron tolerances consistently and automatically without the need to manually change and reposition the tooling, reducing changeover time from many hours to a few minutes, according to the company.

  3. Valence Surface Technologies Receives New Approvals In The Midwest

    Valence Surface Technologies (Valence), the largest independent aerospace and defense product finishing company, has received new Boeing and Bombardier approvals for hardness and conductivity testing at their Wichita facility, formerly known as Chrome Plus International.

  4. Duralar's Fast New Emperion System Deposits Advanced Ultra-Hard Coatings
  5. II-VI Incorporated Introduces Freeform Beam Shaping Laser Optics

    I‐VI Incorporated (NASDAQ:IIVI), a world leader in laser optics and subsystems, today announced the introduction of its freeform beam shaping laser optics for fiber and direct diode laser applications.

  6. Arisfor® To Showcase Advanced Coatings, Sealers & Stencils At World Of Concrete 2018

    Arisfor, LLC, a leading provider of coatings and sealers for concrete, masonry, and other construction surfaces, will have applied samples of its advanced formulations on hand at World of Concrete 2018

  7. Meller Microlux Alumina Powders Are Ideal For Finishing Optics Mounted On Pitch Or Aluminum Plates

    Meller Optics, Inc. has introduced a line of high-purity calcined alumina powders that are ready to mix with de-ionized water for a wide range of optics polishing applications

  8. Adaptive Surface Technologies Inc. Announces Product Availability Of SLIPS® Repel Industrial Coating
  9. Dynasil Corporation Of America Enters Infrared High Efficiency And DLC Coatings Market

    Dynasil Corporation of America recently announced its subsidiaries EMF Corporation and Optometrics Corporation have completed their development of the first in a series of Infrared High Efficiency Anti-Reflective (HEAR) thin film coatings for the eight to twelve micron spectral region.

  10. II-VI Incorporated Launches Ultraviolet Fluorescence Filters For Biomedical Instruments

    II‐VI Incorporated (NASDAQ:IIVI), a leading provider of high-performance optics and coatings, today announced the commercial availability of a complete line of ultraviolet (UV) fluorescence filters for life sciences and biomedical instrumentation including flow cytometry, sequencing and imaging platforms.