Latest Headlines

  1. NEI Corporation Addresses Unmet Self-Healing Needs For Transparent Polymeric Films Market

    NEI Corporation announced recently that it has successfully demonstrated application of its NANOMYTE MEND 1000 self-healing coating technology on PET film

  2. Ampersand Completes Growth Equity Investment In N2 Biomedical

    N2 Biomedical, a leading provider of coating and surface treatment solutions to the medical device industry, announced today the majority recapitalization of the company by Ampersand Capital Partners

  3. PPG Launches PPG Delfleet One Paint System For Commercial Transportation Industry In US, Canada

    PPG recently announced the introduction of PPG DELFLEET ONE paint system to the U.S. and Canadian markets

  4. Small Internal Mix Spray Nozzles Coat, Cool, Treat And Paint

    EXAIR’s new 1/8 NPT small internal mix spray nozzles atomize fluids up to 28 gallons per hour. Internal mix atomizing nozzles mix the liquid and air inside the cap and produce the finest atomization

  5. Optically Clear, Low Viscosity Epoxy System Features High Flexibility

    Two component epoxy, Master Bond EP88FL, is a highly flexible, optically clear compound formulated for bonding, coating, sealing, potting and encapsulation. It is easy to use, with a mixing ratio of one to one by weight or volume

  6. II-VI Incorporated Introduces High Durability Dielectric-Coated Metal Mirrors For High Power Fiber Laser Systems

    II‐VI Incorporated (Nasdaq:IIVI), a leader in laser optics and subsystems, today announced the introduction of its high durability dielectric-coated metal mirrors for next generation kilowatt-class fiber laser systems

  7. Noble Aerospace Taking Off As New Parent Company To Embee And All Metals Processing

    Noble Aerospace has been established as the parent company of both Embee Processing and All Metals Processing of Orange County, CA. The move positions Noble Aerospace as a leader in the aerospace industry with a wealth of products and services to offer a growing list of global clientèle

  8. FluidForming Americas Announces 4-In-1 Precision Metal Hydroforming Machine

    FluidForming Americas is pleased to announce the availability of a 4-in-1 precision hydroforming machine, the FormBalancer. Using highly pressurized water as the force to form, FluidForming is the first major advancement in metal forming in more than 60 years

  9. Axalta Announces New Distributor For Industrial Wood Coatings In The Carolinas' Region

    Axalta (NYSE: AXTA), a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, announced an exciting new partnership with Palmetto Paint Specialties, a leading distributor for the automotive and industrial coatings markets in the Carolinas' region

  10. Sahara Oven Ships Custom Drying/Curing Oven To Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

    Standard Sahara Ovens are also available for quick delivery and are available as either gas fired or electric heated in three temperature ranges, 350˚F up to 800˚F