Product Showcase

  1. Mobile Conveyors
    Conveyors - VAC-U-MAX mobile conveyors are furnished with lift frames to accommodate varying discharge heights
  2. Panasonic Toughbook-74
    Wireless. Tireless. Tough. Ideal for mobile executives; the high-performance, ultra-powerful Toughbook 74 delivers maximum unwired freedom wherever business takes you.
  3. Air Mini Random Orbital Sander Kit
    The 3128K Mini Random Orbital Sander is engineered for the most aggressive sanding applications. It delivers swirl-free finishes when feather edging, removing rust, preparing metal surfaces, or smoothing welds
  4. Air Mini Polisher Kit
    The 3129K Mini Polisher is ideal for buffing and polishing paint, metal, and plastic surfaces to a high-gloss finish. With a free speed of 6,000 rpm, the 3129k delivers the same performance of polishers twice its size
  5. RETOX® LFC Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers For Large Flow VOC Processes
    Adwest Technologies' RETOX® LFC Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Systems provide cost effective VOC abatement for large flow capacity (LFC) VOC laden processes from 60,000 to 80,000 cfm flowrates
  6. OG T1100 Series ‘Over the Glasses’ Safety Eyewear
    OG T1100 Series ‘Over the Glasses’ Safety Eyewear by North Safety Products features a large frame design that offers excellent coverage and protection over prescription eyewear.
  7. Robot-Mounted Atomizer
    For automotive applications, as well as similar Tier 1 parts manufacturers, the RMA-303 Indirect helps make large volume coating operations more efficient, effective and economical
  8. Air Pollution Control Systems
    Controlled Environment Equipment provide air pollution control systems including oxidizers, scrubber systems, and dust & mist collection
  9. Recuperative Oxidizer Systems
    Recuperative oxidizer systems are designed with a combustion chamber that maintains 1400°F to 1500°F, depending on the design parameters, VOC constituents and odor control requirements
  10. Diverter Valves
    Complete with 316 Stainless Steel Tubular ends, Suitable for use in vacuum convey systems, FDA Approved products contact parts. Ideally suited for selecting flow from one to two lines and from two to one line