1. The M Factor…What Does It Mean?

    Many modern printing and proofing papers contain Optical Brightening Agents [OBA]. These agents are added to enhance the brightness of the papers and improve the appearance of the printed product. By Raymond Cheydleur and Kevin O’Connor

  2. Containment: Pharmaceutical Powder

    ILC Dover has worked with our customers to develop Flexible Containment Solutions for a wide variety of processes within the pharmaceutical industry.

  3. A Guide To Understanding Color Communication

    Your perception and interpretation of color are highly subjective. Eye fatigue, age, and other physiological factors can influence your color perception. But even without such physical considerations, each observer interprets color based on personal references. Each person also verbally defines an object's color differently.

  4. Identifying The Proper Instrument Geometry For Measuring Metallic Inks

    There has long been a debate over the proper type of instrument (spectrophotometer) geometry to use when measuring metallic inks. By Timothy A. Mouw - X-Rite Incorporated

  5. Understanding Illuminants

    Many questions have been presented to the staff at X-Rite as to the meaning and application of the various standard illuminants referred to in an X-Rite Spectrophotometer. 

  6. Disposable Conical Transfer Sleeve

    Another proven method for cGMP processing is also available now using drums, a conical drum funnel and drum lifts.

  7. Datasheet: VS450 - Non Contact Spectrophotometer
    This non-contact benchtop spectrophotometer is designed for color and gloss measurement on wet and dry samples including cosmetics, paints, and soil, as well as plastics, powders, and other common samples.
  8. Sentinel Clear™ Hood FAQ’s
    The Sentinel Clear™ hood supports a broad range of pharmaceutical processing operations. The hood is designed for comfortable, non-encumbering use over long operating periods. When combined with the Sentinel XL™ PAPR blower and NIOSH-approved cartridges, it provides protection from airborne particulates, aerosols, and organic and acid gas vapors.
  9. Drum Transfer System

    Flexible Containment for offloading drummed materials in a safe and efficient manner is provided by the Drum Transfer System (DTS) platform.

  10. Blending Containment

    Our continuous liner system has been applied to production level V-Blenders. The low profile design was used in this application to support clearance limitations with this pre-installed piece of process equipment.